Independent Guest Satisfaction Assessment Facility

Sri Lanka as an emerging economy has shown a considerable expansion in its economy during the past two years. Tourism industry has been the forefront in this rapid development process and both local and foreign investments are taking place exploiting the country’s unique biodiversity and landscape. Tourism, the world over, has emerged as a major driver of the economy after infrastructure, energy and petroleum aspects. Sri Lanka feels tourism will play a major role in development, reconciliation, social interaction, creating employment and poverty alleviation. Today, Sri Lanka offers leisure and business travelers a spectrum of attractions. The commercial Cities in Colombo, Hambanthota, Kurunegala and Kandy offer business travelers an array of business opportunities and trade options. The sandy white beaches and attractive underwater life that surrounds the Island give visitors a chance to unwind and relax in a warm and comfortable setting. The beautiful rain forests, mountain ranges and scenic plantations can be visited within a few hours (approximately 04 - 05 hours travel time), and visitors can also visit the wildlife sanctuaries that are located in this Small Miracle. Marking a remarkable historical moment, Sri Lanka Tourism celebrated the targeted 600,000 tourist arrivals in 2010 (Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, 2011). .

PASSAsia will set up Mini Call Centre Facility to Star Hotels to enable guests forward comments, feedback or complaints of the services, facilities and customer care aspects. PASSAsia will Receive-Record-Report those with assured confidentiality in line with scientific standards. With this Facility, Hotels will get an additional opportunity to delight their guests with enhanced customization of services and solutions.

The Star Hotels who obtain IGSA Facility from PASSAsia will be blessed with the following Benefits:

Download the preliminary proposal to initiate IGSA for your hotel using the below link:

With the Initiation of the Independent Guest Satisfaction Assessment Facility and with the above Benefits, Guests will be able to share their Complaints, Comments and Feedback on the in any of the following Modes, which assure 100% confidentiality and trustworthiness of accuracy of message passed on:

PASSAsia will be in continuous communication with its Client (in this Solution Provision, Hotels) with mainly the Monthly Report. Further, all inbound Calls / SMS / Faxes / Letters / E-mails and On-line Submissions are categorized according to the agreed criteria. Some of the categorization are described below:

Further, a Monthly Executive Report of Received and Recorded Comments, Complaints and Feedback with the above Preliminary Analysis will be communicated with the Clients. A Monthly Meeting to present the Monthly IGSA Report and to answer clarifications will be arranged, when the request comes from the Client as part of this Solution Provision.

Download the Specimen (IGSA Monthly Report) Report using the below link:

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