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Why traditional farmers in Sri Lanka can not be rich in their livelihoods? In 1996 our Chief Consultant was a Staff for a Agriculture and Environment project. At that time he lived, studied and involved with all sort of farming activities, realized the reality of farming and innovated new concepts to explain the answer for the above question together with great solutions. Today he as the Chief Consultant at PASSAsia together with other professionals strives to innovate solutions to develop agriculture and aquaculture industry in Sri Lanka by providing wide range of research, consultancy and training solutions.  A farmer can win all challenges if he/she become an agri-business man/woman. Therefore, we are building the capacity of Farmer Organizations, village communities and relevant organizations to make them empower as agri-business persons.

PASSAsia has innovated an Agribusiness Training Module with an exclusive Game. This is already tested with impressive results. This training is a real life simulation. Participants those who attended will gain the real life exposure and skills to start their move from farmer to agribusiness person to win challenges. We have worked with several organizations to reach rural farming communities in Sri Lanka covering North and East. Our module is in Sinhala, Tamil and English languages. This is a pre-tested, successful training module with an unique fun and learn for adults, specially for farmer community. Some of the training game compenent photos are as follows:

Agribusiness and Aquaculture Development solutions are as follows:

PASSAsia offers the following exclusive promotions for its agribusiness and aquaculture development solutions as an additional contribution to the development of the green aspects of the country:

PASSAsia is anxiously waiting to partner with Ministries, Universities, private sector and NGOs to innovate new solutions to develop Sri Lankan Agriculture and Aquaculture Industry as a model for Asia. We offer this unique Agribusiness Development Game Simulation for relevant Faculties to enhance the practical and real life skills of university students with special arrangements.

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