Whistle Blowing Facility in Sri Lanka

Whistle Blowing Facility (WBF) for Donour funded Projects in Sri Lanka, a Solution Initiated by PASSAsia towards Good Governance, Accountability, Transparency and Stakeholder Satisfaction of the Development Initiations taking place in Sri Lanka.

PASSAsia will set up Mini Call Centre Facility to Donour assigned Projects to forward comments, feedback or complaints of the Project Participants / Stakeholders / Right-holders. PASSAsia will Receive-Record-Report those with assured confidentiality in line with scientific standards. With this Facility, Project Stakeholders will get an additional opportunity to empower to ensure highest project impact and performances.

The Donours who obtain this Facility from PASSAsia will be blessed with the following Benefits:

Download the preliminary proposal to initiate WBF for your projects using the below link:

With the Initiation of the Whistle Blowing Facility and with the above Benefits, the Right holders and Project Participants will be able to share their Complaints, Comments and Feedback in any of the following Modes, which assure 100% confidentiality and trustworthiness of accuracy of message passed on:

PASSAsia will be in continuous communication with its Client (in this Solution Provision, the Donours) with mainly the Monthly Report. Further, all inbound Calls / SMS / Faxes / Letters / E-mails and On-line Submissions are categorized according to the agreed criteria. Some of the categorization are described below:

Further, a Monthly Executive Report of Received and Recorded Comments, Complaints and Feedback with the above Preliminary Analysis will be communicated with the Clients. A Monthly Meeting to present the Monthly WBF Report and to answer clarifications will be arranged, when the request comes from the Client as part of this Solution Provision.

Recently we have initiated this service for Sri Lankan Co-operative Societies and Co-operative Federations as a trail. If you are a Co-op you can contact us for more details on Co-op Solutions.

Profile of PASSAsia Manager/Consultant - Prasha Shrishlvam

Prasha Shriselvam is a Manager and Consultant for PASSAsia group of establishments including HR Asia, SME Asia, PASS Web Hosting, Cloud Accounting Asia. She is one of the most talented Young Consultants with Professional qualification in HRM. At present she is reading Master of Management degree at IHRA University of Colombo. 

She has acquired wide range of working experiences in all Provinces with special reference to Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka. One of her unique talents is to design and develop practical solutions using latest online and internet based technology for managing human resources. She has track records and consulting work experience in Sri Lanka, India, Singapore and Malaysia. Her ability in managing assignments in English, Tamil and in Sinhala languages is excellent. She is working very closely with private sector, international organizations and government organizations for designing, developing and execution of research, consultancy and training assignments. 

Contact Prasha for more details on PASSAsia Consultancy.

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+94 112 878 168

Download the Specimen (WBF Monthly Report) Report using the below link:

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