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Towards Global Justice & Equity

Transparency, Good Governance, results and impact, Core Cost, operational efficiency, NGO sustainability  etc are highly considered factors for donor funding in today's competitive environment. In many cases it is not easy to find a suitable NGO for funding as well as to find international donor agencies to plan, monitor, evaluate and report projects. PASS Asia offers this BRIDGE service together with many other innovative solutions for international donor agencies to ensure that their commitment and contributions are helped to light the lives of vulnerable communities in Sri Lanka.

As per the study findings in Sri Lanka, PASS Asia offers this exclusive service and solutions for international donor agencies to screen and select donor agencies, build their capacity, monitor the progress, provide brief confidential progress reports, link with whistle blower, rate NGO performance, outsource some of the required services, etc. The most exclusive feature of our service and solutions is that our services are still and forever NON-POLITICAL, independent, scientific and professional with the track records of international agencies. Just as a reference you can visit Evaluation Resource Center-UNDP to view one independent national scale assessments for the UNDP.

We offer our services in Sinhala, Tamil, English & Sign languages together with Braille media as per the requirement. As per the requirement we will design, develop and deliver research, consulting and training solutions. In line with our exclusive policy for donor agencies, we do not disclose the names of you without your permission for any purpose.

If you are a donor agency which has a desires with one or more of followings, then this is solution package is for you with an exclusive promotional offers for 2011.

  • altNGO Rating

    Exclusive and confidential Rating report for a assigned NGO. This will cover transparency, good governance, operational efficiency, management excellence, etc.

  • alt Whistle-blower Reporting

    New in South Asia we offer Receiving-Recording-Reporting facility for any given NGO/project to study about beneficiary complaints on project services.

  • altAssessments

    Offer wide range of evaluations, country profile, sector plans, feasibilities, participatory studies, impact assessments and other customized studies as per the request.

  • altBeneficiary Satisfaction

    Package of service with Island wide network of resource persons to obtain the beneficiary satisfaction status for any given project or a NGO for any given time of the year.


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