DPO Programme Strategy for Sri Lanka

The DPOs – Disabled Persons Organizations of the Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) or for the PwDs work fight hard to better serve the Persons with Disabilities.

Since 2003, PASS Asia has engaged with many DPOs in the country to build their capacity to better serve their membership in particular and the overall disabled community in general.The most exclusive characteristics of our services are that they are delivered fully customized to cater to main four disability categories of the country at their doorsteps in Braille, Sign Language and simplified local languages. Starting with the DPOs working for the rehabilitation of the mobility disability, we have served almost all National, District and Regional Level DPOs and their umbrella organization – DOJF. Through our innovative solutions, we have served International Organizations who served the disabled sector in Sri Lanka either directly or through these DPOs.

By generating the DPO – Programme Strategy for 2009 – 2018 through a 24-month comprehensive process, PASS Asia has explored the present scenario, context, challenges and the situation of Sri Lanka in terms of disability, DPOs, their capacity, their programme / project approach, overall / national / provincial level projects for PwDs, their wellbeing, etc.

The following images shows the title page of the DPO Programme Strategy for Sri Lanka (2009-2018) report published by DOJF-Sri Lanka:

In this backdrop, PASS Asia offers the following exclusive, results oriented and highly customized solutions to make the DPOs of Sri Lanka a real force for change:

When you want a service or solution from PASS Asia, let us know your need and the exact expected outcome along with your financial allocation / provision or maximum ceiling. We will come out with a strategy to meet all your needs at your doorstep. PASSAsia provides its services in Sinhala, Tamil, English and Sign Languages. Sign language interpretation services can be arranged for our services with the help of Sri Lanka CFD.

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Over the past 08 Years, PASS Asia had contributed to the country’s disability sector with the technical collaboration and funding of International Agencies to overcome constraints and to assure continuous services to them. Following list depicts such specifically designed solutions offered to them:

While serving the disabled community of the country, PASS Asia had worked directly with the following Organizations (representing the International Community, Local NGOs, and DPOs):