Winning Political Career

Young and Emerging Political Leaders are one of the most important human capital in Sri Lanka for the effort of achieving countries socio-economic development goals with ensured good governance, transparency, accountability together with long lasting peace.

Over the past 12 years, several occasions PASS Asia has provided exclusive professional services and consulting solutions political leaders of the country. The most exclusive feature of our service and solutions is that our services are still and forever NON-POLITICAL. That is why even political leaders are interested on our solutions. one of our latesr HR Solution package is for dynamic regional political leaders with a Vision to develop the country in Pradeshiya Shaba and Provincial Councils.

We offer our services in Sinhala, Tamil, English & Sign languages together with Braille media as per the requirement. We have already provided such a service for emerging political leaders through National Democratic Institute. As per the requirement we will design, develop and deliver research, consulting and training solutions. In line with our exclusive policy for politicians, we do not disclose the names of you without your permission for any purpose.

Political Leadership Development for Winning Career - "MANAPA ASCHRYAYA"

If you are a emerging political leader with a strong Vision to serve the community and to win the next election with a majority, then this is solution package is for you with an exclusive promotional offers for 2011.

Your web site design is FREE

When you get our service, you will get an exclusive offer to design your web site to promote your service among the world to make linkages with relevant national and international organizations as a main step to win your political career.

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If you are interested to know more about this service and solutions either you can call or write us for an appointment Samantha S Pathirathna, Chairman/Chief Consultant/Focal Point Political Solutions Mobile 077 1099535,
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