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Today one of the hottest topics is higher education and its reforms. Most of the business people, industrialists and policy makers are questioning that whether our graduates are capable enough and competent enough to cater the needs of the private sector? Are there enough policy facilitation from the government to solve this issue? What are the policy and operational reforms are undertaking towards this change? PASSAsia Board of Directors are very keen on this discussions because we are not just contributing to the discussions but we can provide samples or live demonstrations for the younger generation that how can graduates can build their competencies to cater the growing needs, wants and the demands of the private sector as how we are contributing to the national economy in many ways and means.

Some of the exclusive features and uniqueness of PASSAsia is as follows to be highly qualified to contribute the above developments in the country:

In this context PASSAsia has identified some of the potential (some services already pre-tested) to offer for universities and other higher education institutions with high level of customization and with special pricing arrangements:

PASSAsia is anxiously waiting to partner with Ministries, Universities, private educational institutions to bring customized solutions to make you more competitive and productive.

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