Saturday, 20 June 2015 23:22

A GREAT News for Sri Lankan Co-operatives

PASSAsia is providing a wide range of Co-op solutions for Sri Lankan Co-operatives. It is possible to obtain the service in Sinhala, Tamil or in English. Wide range of services including capacity building and international market development. We are building relations with international Co-operatives and Co-operative Colleges in the region.

We are with great pleasure to mention that PASSAsia has created first Sri Lanka COOP domain website with all other management and governance developments. For more details visit

Contact Manager and Consultant for more details. Refer below for the Profile of the Consultancy Manager/Consultant;

Profile of PASSAsia Manager/Consultant - Prasha Shriselvam

Prasha Shriselvam is a Manager and Consultant for PASSAsia group of establishments including HR Asia, SME Asia, PASS Web Hosting, Cloud Accounting Asia. She is one of the most talented Young Consultants with Professional qualification in HRM. At present she is reading Master of Management degree at IHRA University of Colombo. 

She has acquired wide range of working experiences in all Provinces with special reference to Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka. One of her unique talents is to design and develop practical solutions using latest online and internet based technology for managing human resources. She has track records and consulting work experience in Sri Lanka, India, Singapore and Malaysia. Her ability in managing assignments in English, Tamil and in Sinhala languages is excellent. She is working very closely with private sector, international organizations and government organizations for designing, developing and execution of research, consultancy and training assignments. 

This was completed in year 2015. Please contact us for more details.

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