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Build Your Winning Platinum CV

Build Your Winning Platinum CV

The following are the main services you will get in this solution package:

  • You send your request
  • We send CV preparation power-point presentation
  • We meet you 2 – 4 hrs to collect all relevant data (including available CV or any documents)
  • We generate first draft CV for you
  • Get your feedback / comments together with comments from review team (SPCV Test I)
  • We modify second review of your CV and obtain comments / feedback from you and panel (SPCV Test II)
  • We modify your 3rd version of the CV
  • We customize up to 3 versions of your CV (for awards/ scholarship, for promotions / new position, for a publications etc.)
  • We send your CV for real life submission and obtain feedback (SPCV Test III)
  • Advanced language editing
  • Present your CV and handover as a CD

Finally you enjoy with your Winning Silver CV with the following features

  • Three versions of CV to enhance national and international image
  • Several telephone discussions
  • Free e-mail based communications, through letters or fax
  • 2-3 meetings or video conferences, 4G video calls, skype chats etc.
  • Max. 5-8 pages
  • Three review scores for 3 CVs
  • Within 2-4 weeks (depends on your response)
  • CV in a CD
  • Free consultancy to design your web site concept

All the other details and the consulting process are included in your Winning Platinum CV package you are going to buy.  If you have any clarifications to finalize your purchase decision visit our Help Desk.

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