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Build Your Winning Golden CV

Build Your Winning Golden CV

This solution package is to build your winning Golden CV for small business owners, managers, executives, operators and other middle level employees any other person who are in the middle of their career journey. With your purchase you will be able to obtain exclusive services to evaluate your existing CV, consultant draft new two main versions of your CV, with many value added solutions as explained bellow.

The following are the main services you will get in this solution package:

  • We send CV preparation guiding presentation
  • You send your draft CV
  • We review it and provide scoring for main component of the CV (SPCV Test I)
  • We invite you for a 2 – 3 hrs discussion/remove conversation and together improve your CV
  • You finalize your second draft CV and submit to us
  • Based on your request and requirement we do customize 2 versions of CVs (Ex: for Banking Sector and NGO Sector etc.)
  • Provide second round of fedbacks with scoring to your CV (SPCV Test II)
  • You do the third version of your CV and send to us (SPCV Test III)
  • We finalize your CV and submit the final versions with edited English language

Finally you enjoy with your Winning Silver CV with the following features

  • Two versions of CV to enhance employability
  • Several telephone discussions
  • Free e-mail based communications, through letters or fax
  • 1-2 meetings or video conferences, 4G video calls, skype chats etc.
  • Max. 3 – 6 pages
  • Two review scores for two CVs
  • Within 1-3 weeks (depends on your response)

All the other details and the consulting process are included in your Winning Golden CV package you are going to buy.  If you have any clarifications to finalize your purchase decision visit our Help Desk.

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