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Harvest Gold from Sri Lankan Tourism

Harvest Gold from Sri Lankan Tourism

This report provides an scientific and business analysis on the potentials, feasibilities and forecasts of Sri Lankan Tourism Industry. Analysis covered political feasibilities, economic feasibility, social feasibility, legal feasibility, technological feasibility, environmental feasibility. Researchers and Analysts  team obtained these information from both desk research as well as informal and unpublished sources of information using highly reliable and confidential methods. Desk research comprised Central Bank of Sri Lanka annual reports, Ministry of Finance publications, publications from other relevant Ministries, publications from independent institutions, World Bank and ADB publications, and other national and international references. As per our online products quality policy, PASSAsia offers even money back guarantee if we have not fulfilled stated contents, analysis and contents. This report brings the ultimate value for investors to make their investment decisions on Sri Lankan tourism Industry.


Table of Content of the Report

  • Introduction to Sri Lankan economy
  • Why invest in Sri Lanka?
  • Overview of Tourism Industry in Sri Lanka
  • Economic forecasts for tourism sector in Sri Lanka
  • Overview of Tourism Sector Investment Opportunities in Sri Lanaka
  • Economic, social, political, legal, technological and environmental feasibility analysis based on desk research
  • Tourism Industry opportunities and threats in Sri Lanka
  • Potential Risks and Assumptions
  • Highly Competitive Areas for Investments
  • Forecast for tourism sector investments
  • Conclusions for Investors
  • Remedial measures to manage risk factors
  • Recommendations for Investors
  • Guide for Investment Facilitation in Sri Lanka

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