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Project Proposal Development

Project Proposal Development

The following are the key innovations of this solution Package:

  • We invest to develop your project
  • You can pay the cost of development once after funding realized
  • Only you have to pay a symbolic committment fee at the beginning as explained in the document which you will get with the online ordering (Rs 30,000.00 commitment fee for below Rs. 5 Mn projects, Rs. 59,000.00 for Rs 6- 15 Mn projects and Rs. 110,000.00 for projects which are above Rs. 15 Mn.

Order online to obtain 5% discount for this price and pay later when you sign the service agreement with the PASSAsia. Price for the service will vary according to the scale and scope of the project. If you need more details contact us:

Tel +94 112878168

Fax +94 114047417


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