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Upload Project Concept for Funding

About this job

If you are a Sri Lankan CBO, NGO or voluntary organization and is having an extremely important project concept to serve vulnerable communities in Sri Lanka in line with national and international priorities with the track records of working with international agencies, then this opportunity is for you. With the submission of your project concept, PASSAsia will follow the bellow steps:

  • 100% assurance for your project concept copyright and its confidentiality
  • Discuss and agree on the scope of project funding consultancy
  • With NO COST we initiate the task
  • Conduct quick assessment/quick rating for your NGO (If you are qualified with our initial assessment only we will sign the service agreement for this purpose)
  • Searching a suitable funding agency for your project requirement
  • Link potential donor agencies


In this regard as an NGO, you also have to perform clear responsibilities by commitment to ensure the provision of true information together with genuine and transparent involvement with this process.

Job keywords/tags:  This is for extremely important community centered project concept
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