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Our Values, Mission & Vision

PASS Asia was established by ordinary, multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural entrepreneurs, professionals and  academics in 1999 with extra-ordinary determinations to contribute socio-economic development of Sri Lanka and beyond. PASSAsia Vision is to be "Center of Excellence of Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Modeling and Business Process Outsourcing to become Sri Lanka the Wonder of Asia" 

There were highly committed values from directors of PASS Asia to set up this nature company and to formulate mission and articulate a strong Vision. In the beginning it was only our powerful value system and the strong commitment towards to inculcate those values in the society to see the benefits.  It was truly a dream with IDEAS and without financial and physical capital. But our value thinking was guided us to bring innovations with a strong vision and practical mission to serve our clients and customers. PASSAsia Mission is to “Unleash Human and organizational potential with revolutionary attitudinal change, breakthrough creations-innovations, system thinking, positive psychology coaching, organizational re-engineering, and BPO & KPO solutions to serve client organizations to execute their mission successfully”. Mr. Samantha Pathirathna is our founder Chairman who is truly an ordinary person  with extra-ordinary determinations to bring innovations to reach supernormal PERFORMANCE FOR PASSAsia.

Following is our two fold value system. One for task and one for social aspects. We ensure that PASSAsia team is guided bt those values.

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We can make Sri Lanka a Wonder of Asia, we can contribute Asia to be Wonder of the World. We have to accept and respect that one day we all human have to DREAM that WORLD is the Wonder for All. Let's make a Wonderful WORLD for All. - Samantha S. Pathirathna, Chairman PASS Asia January 2011. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./history