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Our Intellectual Capital since 1999

Smart Assets of PASS Asia has been the Intellectual Capital (Human Capital, Social Capital & Institutional Capital) it had built over a decade to better serve Sri Lanka and beyond.

Our Intellectual Capital ( as an aggregate value of Human Capital, Social Capital and Institutional Capital) values are significantly higher than our financial and physical capital as a management consultancy firm with a true CHANGE. To facilitate the further development and the maximization of our intellectual capital PASS Asia has invested a significant amount of financial capital to buy required physical assets. Our head office is situated in Colombo Sri Lanka.

Up to December 2004 we had our Regional office in Tangalle, Southern Province of Sri Lanka to provide Business Development Services for the Southern Province. With the tsunami devastation we had to close the office and now operating from Colombo.

Through the investment for the continuous capacity building of the experts (Researchers, Consultants and Trainers) involved in the Service Delivery, PASS Asia had ensured that the highest professional and intellectual Solutions are designed and delivered to the clients and customers. The Social Capital of the Intellectual Capital has to deal with the environment and the other Organizations and resources outside, for which the Intellectuals of PASS Asia had maintained a network as described further. As an exclusive demonstration PASS Asia's Board of Directors represents Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities in Sri Lanka. Staff situation also the same. We are demonstrating true value and recognition to all ethnicities with peace and harmony.

Board of Directors of PASS Asia is contributing several charity works and professional development works without any promotions on those in kind contributions and donations.

PASS Asia or its Board of Directors has obtained different membership in the following main International and National Professional Organizations. The names of the Organizations are in Alphabetical Order:

  • Directors The Board of Directors of PASS Asia is represented by three Intellectuals of three main communities of the country: Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims. Also, since they were from multi-discipline and with academic background and practical field exposure, it became easy for them to approach different clients and their different requirements in a more matured, empirical and practical manner in designing solutions. Their personal involvement for almost all the solution designing, development and delivery ensured that the client requirements are met at the highest level and they become fully delighted. Explore
  • Staffs PASS Asia had always given preference to those who have a sound practical sense and emotional intellectuality together with the academic background and high empirical sense to lead solution designing, development and delivery process. Through a thorough selection and a comprehensive induction programme, the ideal candidates are moulded to be the prospective staff of PASS Asia. The Core Staff, around which the Consultants and other Part Time Resource Persons work and contribute, is the back borne of PASS Asia and all the Core staff Members are well versed in all the latest Research, Consultancy and Training Tools, Techniques and Practices. All the Technical Experts of the Core Team are Post Graduate Qualified and are into further higher studies, including Doctorate and Professional higher education. Read More
  • Consultants PASS Asia work with a pool of Consultants who have a sound academic background and high practical exposure representing industry, business, NGOs, universities, financial institutions etc. . The most suitable consultants from the pool are employed for the assignments, depending on the nature of the assignments. All the Consultants are Post Graduate Qualified and are into further higher studies. Before the commencement of each assignment, each of the consultants is briefed and given a thorough orientation regarding that assignment to prepare them to best serve that particular client. Read More