Social Responsibility Contribution of PASS Asia is Beyond Monetary Value and towards Knowledge and Equitable Society.

The innovativeness, the contextually and the practically appropriateness of the unique solutions designed, developed and delivered by PASS Asia aiming to contribute for Sri Lanka, are themselves part of the CSR efforts of our firm. Ethics, dignity for humanity and sense of social responsibility guide the actions of the staff in designing, developing and delivering their service delivery and other undertakings.

Diversified and Timely Needed Helps for the Needy

Following are some of our key interventions made to the society: i) Career guidance for University students; ii) Representing Steering Committee Meetings of other Voluntary Boards of Ministries and Associations; iii) Provision of consultancies and training at special rates for Disabled Persons’ Organizations and other Civil Society Organizations needy to move faster; iv) Free of charge Small Business Counseling services for Micro Entrepreneurs throughout the history at various locations; v) Sponsorship to Tenth Anniversary Symposium of the Department of Agricultural Extension, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya (2005); vi) Internship opportunities to the University Undergraduates of a large number Universities, annually; vii) Scholarship for Disabled University Student (2008 – 2011); viii) Felicitation, Appreciation and Awarding of Parents of the Staff; ix) Provision of employments to suitable disabled persons; x) Contribution to the Children Homes for the Colour washing of the classrooms to coincide with the Tenth Anniversary and xi) Special relief provision to the communities affected by the December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami devastation.If your organization can allocate a small CSR money for this kind of activities, PASS Asia will undertake the utmost RESPONSIBILITY to design, develop and deliver the expected task with our own contribution with the total credit for your organization.

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  • Reward Parents

    Parents do not expect rewards from us for thier sacrifice. It is our prime duty to appreciate and honour them.

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  • Abled Citizens

    Persons with Disability have equal talents as of us. We believe on it. So, we joined hand with them with many contributions.

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  • Development

    We are contributing micro entrepreneurs and small organizations with No cost or nominal fee to build their capacity to face challenges.

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  • Annual Events

    Each year based on the requests and our own assessments we offer charity service together with a reasonable investments for them.

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