Global Winner PASSAsia

PASS Asia has gone through the years with remarkable achievements…………

Winning Awards, International Certifications and Exclusive Accomplishments by PASS Asia was the actual recognition and true testimony for its results-oriented, innovative and creative solutions provision since its inception. For the overall organizational accomplishment, PASS Asia was rewarded with national awards and the top most experts of the Company were recognized and rewarded with various awards to justify their contribution to the Socio Economy of Sri Lanka. Board of Directors of PASS Asia represented Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim community members as an exclusive demonstration in Sri Lanka.

Look at the Awards, International Certifications and Exclusive Accomplishments for Yourself to admire how PASS Asia is truely becoming a Global Winner. These are some of the key awards, recognitions or significance accomplishments those were obtained either by PASSAsia as a organization or its Directors as Outstanding individuals.
  • Registered BDS Provider - 1999

    Screened, selected and registered as an eligible BDS Provider by a leading BDS Facilitators of the Country including Government Ministry and International Agencies.

  • GTZ CEFE SBC - 2001

    Trained and Certified on Small Business Counselling by GTZ CEFE Programme. Sinhala, Tamil and English medium Trainers available at PASSAsia with significant track records.

  • Business Doctor Innovated - 2001

    With all necessary technical expertise enhancement, PASS Asia innovated its major product for Small Business Counselors – The "Business Doctor" simulation solution for SMEs.

  • MEDIP&IP SME Member - 2001

    Became the Colombo District SME Development Committee Member appointed by the Ministry of Enterprise Development, Industrial Policy and Investment Promotion to advise and assist SMEs.

  • ILO SIYB & EYB Trained - 2002

    Trained and Certified on Start and Improve YOur Business (GYB, SYB & IYB) and Expand Your Business Modules by ILO SIYB Project. Sinhala, Tamil & English medium courses are offered.

  • BDS Winner - 2003

    Became the Winner for the New Entrants Category of the SIYB Sri Lanka Project with remarkable accomplishments with setting trend for BDS providers and stakeholders.

  • Winning Trainer - 2003

    The Female Master Trainer of PASS Asia became the Winning Female Trainer of the SIYB Sri Lanka Project. Multilingual training ability and the maturity was highly appreciated.

  • SP REAP BDS Provider - 2003

    Registered Business Development Service Provider for the Southern Province Regional Economic Advancement Project (ADB Funded) with regional office in Tangalle.

  • TOYP Winner - 2004

    The Chairman / MD/ Chief Corporate Advisor of PASS Asia became The Outstanding Young Person (TOYP) of Sri Lanka - Entrepreneurship Category.

  • National BDS Panelist - 2005

    PASSAsia's Chairman was nominated as the Panelist of the National BDS Conference held with the participation of all BDS facilitators including government, private and NGOs.

  • Central Bank BPO Solutions Provider - 2006

    PASSAsia won national open bid to provide BPO solution to PAMP project of Central Bank of Sri Lanka with over 100 employees.

  • Ministry of Finance MF Committee - 2007

    PASSAsia's Chairman was nominated as the Member of Micro Finance Committee of Ministry of Finance and Planning in 2007.

  • US-SL Fullbright Winner - 2008

    PASSAsia's Chairman/Chief Consultant was a Winner of the US – Sri Lanka Fullbright Scholarship for Business Administration Studies, in the American University Washington DC.

  • Global SME Review Member - 2008

    PASSAsia's Chairman / Chief Corporate Advisor was a Member of the Abstract Review Panel of Global Small Business Conference in Canada, 2008.

  • Winner Humanitarian Scholarship-2009

    The Chief Corporate Advisor was awarded the Scholarship to follow the International Humanitarian course at the University of Fordham, USA.

  • Asia Pacific Consultant - 2009-2010

    The Chairman was the Chief Consultant for Re-engineering the SLRCS together with IFRC, ICRC and PNSs and attended AP Regional Level Consultancy Process with appreciations.

  • SPII Certified - 2010-2011

    PASS Asia Solution Designing Process was aligned with SPI2 to ensure its Quality. This certification was a breakthrough in the industry according to international clients.

  • ICTA ICB Award-2011

    PASSAsia received ICB Programme award from ICT Agency of Sri Lanka to promote its BPO solutions in US, Europe, UK and Asia as one of the promising and potential innovative BPO solutions provider in Sri Lanka.